Course Completion (Wallet) Cards

Earn a Global OSHA card onlineCourse completion cards (also referred to as wallet cards) are issued for students completing the #100 and #200 series courses.  Course completion wallet cards are also issued for individuals completing the #500 and #501 trainer courses.  The trainer course completion cards confirm the individual's status as a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer. 


All course completion cards include a photo of the cardholder and contain a QR code which scans to their digital badge profile page.  This enables the cardholder to immediately verify the training they have received.  This includes a detailed listing of the topics and instruction time.  This enables the cardholder to simply share the QR code through the convenience of a wallet-size card to be scanned and viewed on a job site, in an office, or at an interview.

Card Distribution

Global OSHA distributes course completion cards directly to the student within 30 days of course completion.  Trainers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the mailing addresses for their students.  If a course completion card mailed by Global OSHA is returned due to an incorrect mailing address, the trainer is responsible for confirming the correct mailing address with the student and providing it to Global OSHA.  The trainer will bear the cost of the replacement card.  The trainer may collect the replacement card fee from the student if the trainer can document that the student provided an incorrect mailing address.


Replacement Cards

Replacements for lost or damaged course completion or trainer cards are available through Global OSHA only for original cards that have not expired.  The fee for a replacement card is $24.99.  To request a replacement card, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Submit payment through the Global OSHA Website ( and record the payment invoice number.

  2. Prepare the request email, with the following information.

    • For the email subject line, include “Request for Replacement Card (Name of Individual)”

    • In the body of the email include the full name of individual requesting the card

    • In the body of the email include the current mailing address of individual requesting the card

    • In the body of the email indicate the type of card requested (Trainer card or student card)

    • In the body of the email include the number and title of the course completed

    • In the body of the email include the location of the course completed

    • In the body of the email include the completion date of the course completed

    • In the body of the email include the payment invoice number to confirm the replacement card fee has been paid

  3. Submit the request directly to Global OSHA via email at:


Replacement Trainer Cards

If a non-expired trainer card is lost or damaged, or if there is a name change, the Global OSHA Authorized Trainer must promptly contact Global OSHA to request a replacement card, following the above instructions. 

Global OSHA Headquarters

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Phone: (847) 752-OSHA (6742)

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