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Global Outreach Training Program:

Information for Trainers

Worker with Yellow Helmet

The Global Outreach Training Program authorizes occupational safety and health professionals to become authorized as trainers and conduct training for workers in locations worldwide.  Through this program, Global OSHA Authorized Trainers conduct introductory and intermediate level classes for workers based on a combination of mandatory and elective topics.  These classes focus on the recognition and avoidance of safety and health hazards in the workplace.  Global OSHA issues course completion cards to their students, who can then document the training they receive with digital badges. 

Trainer Courses Now Available via Webinar.  For details, click here.

Global Outreach Training Program Governance: Requirements, Policies, & Procedures

The Global Outreach Training Program is governed by program requirements, policies, and procedures.  This document is titled, Global Outreach Training Program Requirements, Policies, & Procedures.  It contains the overall requirements and policies applicable to all Global OSHA Authorized Trainers, which state the actions required and policies which Global OSHA Authorized Trainers must follow when planning and conducting Global Outreach Training Program classes.  There are separate topic breakdowns specific to the authorization (Construction Safety, General Safety) earned by the Global OSHA Authorized Trainer.  

How Do I Become a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer?

1. Demonstrate the Required Experience

In order to become a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer, an individual must demonstrate a minimum of 3 years of experience within a construction safety position or general safety position.  One year of experience may be waived if the individual has earned a degree in a related field (associates level or above) from an accredited academic institution.  The individual must provide appropriate documentation of experience including a detailed resume or job history, and professional references.


2. Complete the Prerequisite Course

In order to become a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer, an individual must complete the eight-hour prerequisite course: Global OSHA course #550 Fundamentals of Adult Training.  This course serves as the prerequisite for all trainer courses and is only available online through the Global OSHA Website.  See the course description below.

Course Description:  This course provides a basic foundation for professional trainers in any industry by addressing fundamental principles and best practices in the training of adult learners.  Topics include instructional design, activity based learning, communication, effective classroom management, training evaluation, and instructor ethics.  Contact hours: 8 

3. Complete a Trainer Course

In order to become a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer, an individual must complete a trainer course based on either option 3a or option 3b as described below.

     3a. Global OSHA Trainer Course

     In order to become a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer, an individual may complete a Global OSHA Trainer course offered through          the Global Occupational Safety and Health Academy via live webinar or a through Global OSHA Training Center.                         

     3b. Request OSHA Outreach Trainer Equivalency Authorization

     Trainers currently authorized, and in good standing, through the USDOL OSHA Outreach Training Program may qualify for                    immediate authorization as Global OSHA Authorized Trainers by completing only the eight-hour prerequisite course;

     Global OSHA Course #550 Fundamentals of Adult Training


     Upon successful completion of Course #550, the trainer may follow the steps listed on the Global OSHA Website to submit the                Trainer Equivalency Authorization request form and required documentation of current status to receive immediate authorization,        and a Global OSHA Authorized Trainer wallet card.

Maintain Trainer Authorization by Completing an Update Course

The Global OSHA trainer authorization is valid for four years.  An eight-hour online trainer update course is required every four years in order for trainers to maintain Global OSHA Authorized Trainer status.  Update courses will be available online through the Global OSHA Web site.  There is no grace period for renewal beyond the four-year time frame. 

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