Global OSHA Partnerships

Shaking Hands

Global Occupational Safety and Health Academy, LLC (Global OSHA) provides occupational safety and health training programs and courses on a global basis.  Global OSHA welcomes the opportunity to partner with professional organizations worldwide to further its mission of worker safety and health.  Please note that while Global OSHA is an accredited training organization, it does not accredit other training providers. 

Typical examples of partnering agreements include the following.


  • Global OSHA establishing reciprocal website links with other accredited organizations.

  • Partner organizations listing Global OSHA courses on the partner website and receiving commission for registrations.

  • Partner organizations hosting Global OSHA live courses for on-site or webinar delivery.

  • Global OSHA producing co-branded course completion wallet cards for partner organizations’ enrollees.

  • Global OSHA developing customized courses for partner organizations enrollees.

  • Qualified safety and health training providers serving as Global OSHA Training Centers.


If your organization is interested in partnering with Global OSHA, please contact us by email to discuss these partnering opportunities in greater detail.

Our Partners


University of Fredericton

New Brunswick, Canada

The University of Fredericton (UFred) is a fully-online, degree-granting institution offering certificate, diploma, and degree programs. UFred’s mission is to provide a fully compatible, individually-centered lifelong learning path for the worlds professionals that enhance individual performance. UFred’s School of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is committed to providing life changing experiences to students around the world.  This mission is accomplished by offering a full suite of OHS education from certificates and diplomas to Masters programs (MBA/EMBA) with OHS Leadership streams available to students worldwide.  Programs include the Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Systems, a Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management, as well as diploma and certificate programs in Integrated Disability Management and a Certificate in Ergonomics.  With an emphasis on process-based learning and skills, UFred programs are designed to enhance students' ability to apply OHS knowledge to any workplace environment while simultaneously enhancing workplace leadership abilities.    In addition to OHS programs, UFred offers a Certificate in Psychological Health and Safety at three levels – basic, advanced and managers – as well as Enhancing Workplace Resiliency.  Learn more...

Global OSHA is partnering with the University of Fredericton to expand worker safety and health training to safety professionals and frontline workers throughout North America and also worldwide.  The partnership will add value to workers and safety professionals by providing additional course offerings and degree program opportunity beyond Global OSHA’s existing catalog.  This partnership increases Global OSHA's profile and recognition in Canada and worldwide.  


Global OSHA is proud to partner with a respected academic institution such as of the University of Fredericton, which is a recognized leader in the delivery of occupational safety and health training programs. 

Raja Company

Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Raja Trading Company is a leading multi-national business house that is recognized for its excellent customer service, quality brands, and humane concerns.  Raja’s mission is to deliver innovative products, solutions, and superior buying experiences, while maintaining the highest standards of ethical, environmental, and social practices.  This includes Safety Plus World, a provider of safety equipment, training, consultations, and other support services.  Learn more...


Global OSHA is partnering with Raja Trading Company to make Global OSHA online and webinar training courses available throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.  The target population will include entry-level workers, experienced workers, and safety professionals throughout the MENA region.  This target population will benefit from accredited safety and health training programs and verification of training through Global OSHA course completion documentation.  Raja Trading Company are now an authorized training partner for Global OSHA in the MENA region and is approved to conduct course enrollment, including registration and tuition payment, directly and through their affiliated websites,,,, and


Global OSHA is proud to establish this partnership with an esteemed organization such as Raja Trading Company which are recognized as a leader in promoting workplace safety and health.  This increased availability of worker safety and health training throughout the MENA region directly aligns with the Global OSHA mission to deliver high-quality occupational safety and health training to workers around the world to reduce fatalities, injuries, and illness.  

American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA)

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

The American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) is a voluntary association of companies, consultants, and academicians with a direct interest in the design, manufacture, and application of gears, couplings and related power transmission components and equipment.  Founded in 1916, AGMA is a member- and market-driven organization, conducting programs and providing services to the gear industry and its customers.  AGMA’s nearly 500 member companies include gear manufacturers from the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as gearing interests from more than 30 countries around the world.  Learn more...

Global OSHA partnered with AGMA to develop an introductory worker safety training course to address safety and health hazards faced by workers in the gear manufacturing industry.  This course consists of 9.5 hours of online instruction and includes written assessments.  It is only available for AGMA member companies.  Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a course completion certificate, be issued a digital badge for each topic, and will receive a course completion wallet card.  For additional information or to register, please contact AGMA.

Global OSHA is proud to support the gear manufacturing industry and contribute to the safety and health of its workers. 

Manahel Training Centre


Manahel Training Centre is a leading Training Centre in Bahrain specialized in Occupational Health and Safety with accreditations from several awarding bodies and with learning alliance partners in many countries.  Manahel is continuously committed to offering the best face-to-face classroom trainings, instructor-led online trainings, and E-learning programs to its clients and partners.  Learn more...

Global OSHA is partnering with Manahel Training Centre to promote global safety and health awareness in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and other locations worldwide.  This will be achieved through collaborations on worker training initiatives and general safety and health awareness efforts.  These efforts include, but are not limited to working together in tenders, providing documentation and technical support, and sharing various resources to improve worker safety and health worldwide.  This partnership increases Global OSHA's presence and recognition in the Middle East and worldwide.  

Global OSHA is pleased to partner with an accredited training provider that also serves the global safety and health community.

Agora Training Centre.jpg

Agora Training Centre

United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

Agora Training Centre has over 30 years’ experience delivering expert safety and health training in industries such as Oil & Gas upstream and downstream, Construction, Industrial, Hospitality, and Shipping & Rail.  Agora has locations in the United Kingdom, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia which cover the European and Middle East North Africa (MENA) regions.  In addition, Agora has conducted training in various other locations worldwide such as U.A.E, Egypt, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, Africa, and India.  Agora is an IADC member and holds accreditations from several awarding bodies including ISO 9001. Learn more…


Global OSHA is partnering with Agora Training Centre to expand training opportunities and promote occupational safety and health in Europe, MENA regions, and other locations worldwide.  The organizations will collaborate on exam prep courses for ASP, CSP, and CHST credentials.  The collaboration will also include other worker training initiatives and responding to commercial requests for safety and health training proposals.  This partnership increases Global OSHA's presence in locations worldwide.  


Global OSHA is pleased to partner with an accredited training provider which has specialized experience in oil & gas, and whose multiple locations include the United Kingdom.  We look forward to working with Agora to serve the global safety and health community.


Elm Al Wataniya Safety and Security Company (ENSCO), 

Saudi Arabia

ENSCO is national company located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia which specializes in health, safety, and environmental services and safety software solutions. ENSCO provides a unique service portfolio on safe workplace conditions. It is believed that this partnership will leverage Global OSHA subject matter expertise and specialized training content to increase occupational safety and health knowledge among workers and safety professionals. This partnership is also intended to help employers achieve their business objectives with better market access to safety training, professional certifications, and safety consultations. Global OSHA looks forward to working with ENSCO to promote occupational safety and health programs and training in the Middle East.

NSCN 3.png

National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to reduce injuries and save the lives of Nebraskans.  As the only Nebraska chapter of the National Safety Council, the organization’s mission is to be Nebraska’s leading organization providing education and advocacy to reduce injuries and save lives. As part of the National Safety Council the organization is committed to promoting their top strategic initiatives including Workplace Safety, Distracted Driving, Teen Driving, Prescription Drug Abuse, Fatigue, and Safe Communities.  Its vision is to eliminate all preventable deaths in the communities it serves.  


Global OSHA is pleased to partner with National Safety Council – Nebraska Chapter, an established safety and health organization which has been recognized for excellence on numerous occasions.  This partnership will promote training opportunities for safety professionals and workers and will increase the availability of safety and health training throughout the Midwest region. This directly aligns with the Global OSHA mission to deliver high-quality occupational safety and health training to workers around the world to reduce fatalities, injuries, and illness.