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Submit Payment

Use this section to process payments for course completion cards, replacement cards, and requests for Trainer Equivalency Authorization. All of these items require payment prior to submitting the request. Trainers must complete payments for course completion cards prior to submitting the course report package. Individuals requesting replacement cards must complete payment prior to submitting the request. Individuals submitting requests for Trainer Equivalency Authorization must also complete payment prior to submitting the request package. For all payments, you MUST note the invoice number, as you will need to include it in your request email. Please note you can edit the quantity of your order in your shopping bag or at checkout. If you have any questions regarding submitting payments, please contact us at:

  1. Click Buy Now to add item to Shopping Bag (Cart)
  2. Proceed to Shopping Bag, adjust quantity as needed
  3. Agree to terms, click Checkout
  4. Choose payment method, enter address, click Continue
  5. Enter payment info, click Pay Now
  6. You will receive an email confirmation of payment processing

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