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Global Outreach Training Program

The Global Outreach Training Program enables occupational safety and health professionals to become authorized as trainers and conduct instructor-led training for workers in locations worldwide.  Through this program, Global OSHA Authorized Trainers conduct introductory and intermediate level classes for workers.  These classes focus on hazard awareness, identification, recognition, avoidance, control, abatement, and prevention in the workplace.  Global OSHA issues wallet-size course-completion cards to the students, who are able to document the training they receive, including specific topics, with access to digital badges.

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The Global Outreach Training Program was created to meet the ongoing demand for high quality occupational safety and health training for workers in locations outside the United States.  Developed by former senior management staff from the OSHA Directorate of Training and Education, the program is modeled after the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Outreach Training Program. 


The Global Outreach Training Program offers the same hazard recognition topics as the USDOL Outreach Training Program.  But the Global Outreach Training Program offers greater flexibility for training locations, more robust training credentials, and no training topics related to policy or legal matters.  All Global OSHA programs and courses are available to be conducted worldwide.  



The Trainer Information Page contains information on how to become a trainer, how to submit course reports and payment, and how to obtain replacement course completion cards.  It also contains the Global Outreach Training Program Requirements, Policies, and Procedures document, which provides detail regarding all aspects of program administration for Global OSHA Authorized Trainers.

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The Worker Training Information Page is designed for workers.  It contains information on the Global Outreach Training Program and its classes, including course descriptions.  The page contains Quick Links for finding instructor-led classes offered through Global OSHA, and registering for those classes.  There are also links to pages containing information on Digital Badges and how they work; course completion cards also referred to as wallet cards, and a page for general FAQs.  

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