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Contract & Customized Safety and Health Training

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Global OSHA conducts a wide range of occupational safety and health courses for safety professionals and workers in various industries.  Training classes are conducted at facilities located in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA.  Global OSHA also offers its regular courses or customized courses on a contract basis to companies and organizations worldwide.  Global OSHA can provide training on safety and health topics specific to an organization's industry, region, or personnel. 


Global OSHA instructional staff includes safety experts, most of whom are former OSHA personnel, former instructors for the OSHA Training Institute, or OTI Education Center instructors.  Let Global OSHA put this expertise to work for your company or organization.  To inquire about Global OSHA delivering training for your company or organization, please use the form below to submit information regarding your training needs.  Please indicate the requested training topic, preferred contact hours, number of personnel to be trained, training location, and target time frame.

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Thank you for your interest in Global OSHA!

Contract/Customized Training Information Request
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